Starting a business in the US and developing it from Kosovo – Valon’s inspiring story

Meanwhile he is dedicating all of his time and energy on establishing and expanding his business from Kosovo, which he hopes eventually could expand to European markets.

Valon Osmani is a dedicated professional with a tremendous passion for recruiting. Having his Bachelor’s Degree completed at the City University of New York (CUNY) College of Staten Island, specializing in Business, Valon has come all the way from United States (Tampa, FL) to develop his business from Kosovo, as well as back in Tampa. Valon has over 10 years of professional recruiting experience working for some of the top firms in their respective fields such as Aerotek, Halcrow/CH2M, and Nicopure Labs. He is among one of the most respected professionals within recruiting, a CVR (Certified Veteran Recruiter), and a Boolean Search & Relationship building expert. He is the founder of RK-RT (Re-K-RuiT), a recruiting agency specializing in contingency searching within Architecture, Engineering, Construction, and Marketing. His skills show high potential in rationalizing and simplifying recruiting and making it a more efficient, genuine, and integrated function in the proper operation of businesses.

A few days after moving back to Kosovo, Valon was introduced to Innovation Center Kosovo (ICK). He was immediately impressed and fascinated by ICK’s capabilities and the opportunities it gave young entreprenuers.  Valon believes that ICK provides all the comforts for startups such as incubators, grants, collaborative work spaces, access to a mentor base, access to VCs and Angels, dedicated business training, as well as visibility via networking and pitch events. He is impressed by the staff and their will to give people the opportunity to get in the building and get the most out of their potential. While, he has been located in ICK for two weeks now, he has been able to meet many young people who have fascinated him with their talent and ability to follow and work on the latest technology trends.

Meanwhile he is dedicating all of his time and energy on establishing and expanding his business from Kosovo, which he hopes eventually could expand to European markets. He is aware that it can be a challenge due to differences in business culture, regulations and employment patterns. Despite the drawbacks, Valon plans to partner up with other Albanian friends in the US, and build a network of people in Kosovo who could help on performing great work locally and internationally. When asked what could be a drive for Kosovo youth on catching professional opportunities, he said that he encourages the youth to use LinkedIn as it is one of the strongest online networking tools available for business opportunities and advancing careers. It is one of the best opportunities to advertise your skills and experience to potential hiring managers.

Valon has always been a proponent of helping people, even though helping others isn’t always easy, considering that sometimes it can derail your schedule and cost you time and other resources. However, Valon is very confident that as his firm grows there will be great opportunities for the young professioanls in Kosovo, who have a passion for technology and relationship building, to start a career in recruiting and technology, helping service firms which are located all over the world from Kosovo.

This is Valon’s main goal. To develop his business from Kosovo, as well as Tampa, and give the young people opportunity to share ideas, opinions and practices, and to have a great career in recruiting.  He thinks that Kosovo has a well-educated youth and highly skilled workforce with sufficient level of fluency of English. “RK-RT is not only only about providing exceptional recruiting service to clients in the US, we are here (Kosovo) to bring this new type of skill set and career opportunities for talented young professionals that never had the opportunity to be in such a rewarding career path”

Valon says: “You have to take risks in life, both personally and professionally, in order to reach you maximum potential.  Especially if you have the entrepreneurial mindset. If you do, there is no better place in Kosove, then to be at ICK, where you have all of the resources available to you to make you successful.  ICK gives you the opportunity to leash out your entrepreneurial spirit to the fullest, with the technology available to you, and the talent residing inside that are ready to collaborate with you. Dream big, and act on it!”

Author: Rita Vula