Solaborate platform is launched

Solaborate launched on Tuesday in Los Anglese Califonia (USA). The management of Solaborate, that is part of the Innovation Centre Kosovo incubator, announced that it received over $1,000,000 in seed funding from angel and individual investors for the first professional social networking platform that enables technology professionals and companies to connect, collaborate and create an ecosystem around products and services.

Solaborate platform now is launched.
Launching in beta today, Solaborate provides technology professionals a central place with the right tools and services to collaborate in real time – both internally and externally – and solve business problems.

Tech professionals can now post questions, share documents and presentations, chat, video conference, and provide best practices, all within the platform. Solaborate enables users to instantly connect, discover and follow other technology professionals, companies, products and services. They can also access knowledge, search and apply for jobs and opportunities, provide commentary, preview product demos, and more.

Built on Microsoft Windows Azure cloud computing, HTML5,WebSockets and WebRTC protocol for real time communication, Solaborate’ s easy-to-use web-based interface also integrates with existing social media channels such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.

Key features include:

•      Video chat in one-on-one and group conversations with customers, experts, and product representatives, etc. without the need for software downloads or plug-ins based on WebRTC

•      View, create and share demos of products and services

•      Join or develop user groups where users can share content and participate in discussions

“There are a lot of places on the internet where you can share information or network with others, but you can’t collaborate in real time,” said Labinot Bytyqi, Founder and CEO of Solaborate. “By incorporating the best of social media, then taking it a step further, Solaborate makes it easy to share relevant content from a central platform with peers, colleagues, vendors and customers. We are building a community around products and services, all in one dedicated place for technology professionals”

For further information, visit or click to see the demo version of theSolaborate platform.

Solaborate is part of the incubator of Innovation Centre Kosovo since january 2013.

Athene Prosjektledelse, Norway and Kosovo Association of Information and Communication Technology (STIKK), Kosovo are the founders of ICK, and Crimson Capital LLC, Kosovo is the main cooperating partner. ICK is funded by The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.