Social media course

All interested individuals can apply for a place at the Social media course that is offered by the Trainings department of the Innovation Centre Kosovo (ICK). This course is aimed at anyone that would like to use Social Media as a Marketing tool for their business.

The Social Media Course is an excellent foundation in all of the main theories, concepts; techniques and application expertise one needs to develop a plan and implement a social media campaign. This course will also provide to the attendees practical knowledge needed to fully develop their social media expertise and help them understand which ones are most suited for their particular business.

All interested can apply through the ICK website.

Whether the candidates are students or business professionals they will benefit from the education provided by this course. The social media course offered by ICK is designed to give to the attendees marketing careers a boost and help them manage their brand with confidence.  Topics covered by the course include: Twitter, Google+ Marketing, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Online PR & Brand Reputation, Online Video Marketing,      Monitor & Manage Social Media Campaigns, etc.

The course will be offered three times a week where each session will last 3 hours. The Social media course will start during September 2013. Participation at this course is limited and will be accepted those with an early application. The call for this course is opened until September 15, 2013. For more information please call us at 049 765 567 or e-mail us at [email protected]