SmartSquared engages with businesses

SmartSquared Company, which is part of the Incubator of Innovation Centre Kosvo (ICK) is coming close to the completion of the project for automation of household appliances, which are controlled through an application for smartphones.

“Hardware is ready but the are some things to finish with the and now we waiting for Appsix to complete the work on our application”,  said Dren Imeraj who together with his business partner Dijon Vula established SmartSqaured company. SmartSquared also is engaged in a project with Bergen National Academy of the Arts (KHiB) to develop a wheelchair simulator. “We have developed a great part of work in this project ,” said Imeraj.  He explained that SmartSquared has started to cooperate with a company from Gjilan that produces heating radiators. “They want to create a central line of elctircal heaters and we are developing a product for them ,” added Imeraj.