Signing off another successful year of the Junior Geeks Program with an innovative STEM Camp

The STEM Camp 2021 marks the successful passing of this year’s edition of the Junior Geeks Program with flying colors. To commemorate the hard work of the organizers, mentors and the whiz kids themselves, the final activity consisted of a getaway weekend program in Prevallë where everybody got to enjoy a multitude of activities, including leisure fun times and many STEM oriented activities!

Up in the mountainous terrain, the program was held at Sharri Hotel, a gorgeous zen spot where the participants got to enjoy lavish green spaces for yoga and various checkpoint meetings for their “Design your STEM Startup” competition.

To generate an interesting discussion for the future of the teenage participants still charting tier professional courses, they also created a “Career Orientation and Entrepreneurship Talks” panel with Shpend Lila, Zana Tabaku, Lekë Sahatçija, Marigona Sylaj and Nita Katona. The discussion helped a lot of students express their ideas for the future and analyze their preferred career paths by also adding their STEM knowledge into the mix.

The continuation of the weekend was a wave of combined effort between students and mentors to create the most innovative and helpful startup ideas using the skills and knowledge they’ve accumulated throughout the Junior Geeks Program, which resulted in some very unique approaches as solutions and a lot of inspired new youths.

Brikena Gecaj, an enthusiastic student who participated in the camp event, stated that the program was, “A daring and wonderful experience equipped with the capacity to change your perspective by giving you a glimpse of the possibility of a better future for all”.

Commenting on the unexpected practicality of the knowledge provided by the world of STEM, Brikena observes how these tech related fields are actually transferable and beneficial to a multitude if not all other career paths for a better quality of work and life.

Another student, Guri Sokoli, comments during their Cyber Talks activity where they share thoughts on the development of IT to complement reality with the perks of the virtual reality, saying, “Opening a new door for opportunities to make the world better through technology and cyber solutions is how we’ve been taught to think in this edition, and it’s been an unforgettable experience for me”.

Following the summation of the STEM Camp with impressive pitches and inspired ideas, the students also received Kindle tablets as digital gifts for their dedication to the program.

The program closed with warm remarks by esteemed mentor Shenaj Shala, soft skills specialists, and Eldita Tarani, program co-founder who inspired and reminded the students that in the future, they themselves cmay one day be the founders of such programs for future generations if they put their minds, skills and knowledge to use.

With a memorable experience for each participant and a lot of educational fun that broadens perspectives and outlooks in their professional lives, the 2nd edition of the Junior Geeks Program was finalized with a bang!