SFK Conference at ICK

The Software Freedom Kosova Conference (SFK) 2013 will be partially held at the premises of Innovation Centre Kosovo. The workshops of SFK 2013 8-9 September 2013) will be held at ICK while the opening of the conference ( 7 September 2013) will take place at the Faculty of Education, University of Prishtina.

SFK is the biggest annual non-profit conference in Kosovo/Balkans established to promote Software freedom, Open source software, Free culture and Open knowledge, a global movement that originally started more than 25 years ago.

The Conference is open to everyone, there is no need for registration to follow lectures on Saturday, however, workshops require registration (which are still free of charge) in order to reserve your seat.  If you are an android user, consider downloading the conference schedule application here: http://sfk.flossk.org/android

For more information http://sfk.flossk.org/