Prishtina Startup Weekend

Prishtina Startup Weekend is serving as a great energizer for the very well-known international initiative- Global Entrepreneurship week in Kosovo. It is becoming a tradition for Prishtina Startup Weekend to be a success story among young entrepreneurs in Kosovo.

The event started this Friday in Innovation Centre Kosovo where aspiring young entrepreneurs got introduced to each other and other coaches, speakers and community leaders. We are proud to announce that there are sixty participants and fourteen teams that have come together to work in teams, share innovative ideas, build products and finally launch their startups on Sunday.

This year, the organizing team has made sure that the number of men and women is balanced, creating equal opportunities for every participant. The organizers have worked a lot to reflect a very rewarding experience, considering the great interest by these young leaders to launch their potential new successful businesses. Many mentors of different backgrounds are helping to motivate and teach these designers, products managers, developers and aspiring entrepreneurs to get the most out of this weekend. The teams are constantly receiving feedback so they can be fully prepared for the big day tomorrow.

Stay tuned we are loving the great energy and enthusiasm of all teams. Sunday will be the most significant day of Startup Weekend Prishtina. Let’s see who is going to grab the price for the most powerful pitch and the best startup idea. 

See you all in the evening…

Blog by: Rita Vula