Presentation of Mjeku.Net

Web portal Mjeku.Net will be presented on Thursday the 30th January 2014 starting from 17:00 at the premises of Innovation Centre Kosovo (ICK) located at Rexhep Mala , 28A. Mjeku.Net is the first professional portal in Albanian language specialized to provide educational information about health issues.

In this portal dedicated to health, Albanian speaking people can be informed and educated not only about illness treatments but also about everything about disease prevention, health protection and a better life.

Mjeku.Net is a reference website to any reader who is concerned about a health issue. During the Mjeku.Net presentation will be also launched the section “Ask the Doctor/Pyete Mjekun” that is part of this portal. Through “Ask the Doctor/Pyete Mjekun” readers on the Internet will be able to contact the doctors of various fields and ask questions in Albanian, about their health concerns.
The “Ask the Doctor/Pyete Mjekun” modul will offer readers a simple and easy way to ask questions and it will give them the opportunity to choose to which doctor they want to address the question.