PowerUP – Growth Program for SMEs and Startups in the Western Balkans

Dear community,

It is a pleasure to inform you that the World Bank has initiated a free of charge program “PowerUP: Capacity Building for Early Stage Firms in the Western Balkans” for more than 200 companies funded by the European Union under the Western Balkans Enterprise Development & Innovation Facility (WB EDIF) and implemented by Deloitte.

We are proud to share that we are partners on this important project and we would like to warmly encourage you to apply.

If you are looking for help in building your company’s resilience, adapting your business model, and growing your market share, while at the same time making your firm more attractive to investors, the PowerUP program is for you!
The selected companies will receive free of charge capacity building training aimed at supporting their resilience to COVID-19, growth prospects and increasing the investment readiness.

Around 100 best performing companies from the Program will be invited to compete in the “PowerUP Finals” and showcase their business on stage to an exclusively invited group of investors and business leaders. Three best pitches will win the “Western Balkan Entrepreneurial Excellence Award” for different categories as well as an exclusive, tailor-made business advisory support by local and regional experts from global consulting firm Deloitte.

The eligible companies should be from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Montenegro, or Serbia and should be operating for at least 1 year, be innovative, have between 3-100 employees and have a product or a service that is generating revenue in at least one market.

Find out more and apply until September 30 the latest by filling in the application form.