PODIM offers 20 free all-inclusive tickets to Kosovo Startups

The largest startup conference in the Alps-Adriatic region!

11 & 12 May (Maribor, Slovenia)

PODIM is the largest conference on startups, entrepreneurship and innovation in the Alps-Adriatic region! This year in its 36th year, it remains an epic two-day educational, networking and motivational experience. An event that no true entrepreneur or intrapreneur should miss!

PODIM 2016 will focus on the topic “Hidden forces of startups or how startups revolutionize a business and its environment.

The Centre for European Perspective (CEP), PODIM conference organizers and ABC Accelerator prepared a special offer for startups from Kosovo. They will give 20 free tickets to startups, teams and their mentors from Kosovo to attend the PODIM conference!
Free 3-day package

The free 3-day package for Kosovo startups and their mentors includes:

Organized airplane transport to the PODIM conference from Prishtina Airport, departure on 10 May, return on 13 May 2016.
Three nights’ stay in Slovenia (accomodation from 10 to 13 May 2016).
Attending the PODIM conference, including organized meetings with investors.
Post-conference eventat the Jable Castle in Ljubljana plus a visit to ABC Accelerator, one of the biggest start-up hubs in the region!
You’ll be able to network with the ABC Accelerator teamone-on-one and get first-hand feedback on how to develop your business idea in the field of marketing, legal advice, design etc. The ABC team can also help you find the right mentor or investor in the region. And if you win the PODIM Challenge, ABC Accelerator will give you an ‘invitation only’ ticket to visit ABC Accelerator Demo Day.
Application deadline is 15 April 2016!

All interested startups and startup teams from Kosovo have to submit a two-steps application:

    1. step: submit the data about your team and team members here
    2. step: submit your application for PODIM Challenge – a pitching competition for early stage startups, looking for a seed investment
The official language of the PODIM Conference is English.

Click HERE to apply.