PM Hashim Thaçi visits ICK

Kosovo PM Hashim Thaçi on Friday April 12 2014 visited Innovation Centre Kosovo (ICK) and met with companies such as SmartSquared, ZagApps, Darts Security, Kë that are part of the incubator of ICK. Thaçi had the opportunity to talk to them and see their services and products.

This is the second time that Kosovo PM Hashim Thaçi visits ICK. Thaçi was present at the opening of ICK where he jointly with Jan Braathu Norwegian ambassador officially inaugurated the ICK building. Thaçi also visited the training department of Innovation Centre Kosovo.

“For me it is a pleasure to be here among you, among people of Innovation Centre Kosovo, I have visited the center earlier together with my friend Ambassador Jan that I would like to thank for his personal commitment, I want to thank the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Norway, to thank the Norwegian government for the strong support it has given to this project”, said Prime Minister Hashim Thaçi adding Innovation Centre is a good example of how a job is obtained, as extended and achieved a success considerable. Meanwhile Uranik Begu Executive Director of Innovation Centre Kosovo thanked Prime Minister Hashim Thaçi for his visit at ICK. Begu told Prime Minister that ICK is committed in creating a favorable environment for the development of private business, especially those that aim to offer their services abroad. “Innovation Centre Kosovo serves entrepreneurship, innovation, business development based on technologies that create jobs,” said director Begu.

The PM was hosted by Uranik Begu Executive Director of ICK and Vjollca Çavolli Executive Director of STIKK.