Part-time Funk

Planning to major in architecture, computer science and dentistry respectively, these bright ambitious young minds seek to learn, through ICK, more about entrepreneurship, business and innovation and what it does for this country in the hopes that one day in a more updated Kosovo, learn more about themselves, the depths of their passions and where it can take them.

As per high school tradition, young students are in search of ways to complete their hours of part-time work as a head-start to the world of profession. To create a strong base of work ethic as well as combining talent and motivation, the students are sent to places with vast areas of expertise to collect an abundance of experience and tips from their employed predecessors. Of such students, three remarkable individuals have joined the staff of ICK for a 5-day part-time experience as a way to gain both the required hours, and the refreshing new experience.

We have Edlinda Berisha, Diona Spahiu and Etnik Besimi from the prestigious high school of “Loyola” situated in Prizren, who have all come to ICK to seek the wisdom in all practical fields.
To grasp a firm concept of ICK and earn that preached experience, the trio will be walked through the working process of ICK and how others may integrate into the company, attend events and see the step-by-step process of activities in those events, meet with startups of their designated field and outside of it as well as assist in multiple departments of work to get an idea of how each different job can be done with an adequate amount of knowledge gained.

What the three have noticed in the ICK atmosphere was a tremendous amount of professional creativity best nurtured with hard work, mixing technology and other fields to bring to Kosovo a certain class and raise overall human potential and quality.