Online Challenge: Hack the Crisis Kosova

Due to the rapid spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, innovators have delved into the mission to think outside the box. Bringing people together for a common purpose of finding ways to help the fragile pillars of our society is a crucial mission to strengthen our community and eliminate needless fear.
That is precisely what Hack the Crisis Kosova does!

In essence, Hack the Crisis Kosova is an online hackathon organized by the Innovation Centre Kosovo, researchers, institutions, private sectors, startups and tech enthusiasts, with the purpose of coming up with inventive and creative solutions for individuals, communities, businesses and less fortunate struggling lower class income citizens.

This is a call to action to each and every one to participate in the fight and it is inspired by Estonia, who started the movement, and by Hack for Crisis Finland.

The challenge implores ideas from all spheres of need. The main challenges presented today are also listed as selectable categories in the Hack the Crisis Kosova website. It includes the categories listed as “Health and Emergency”, “Social and Psychological Status”, “Education and Learning”, “Economy and the Future of Business”, “Government Solutions” and the final option of “Invent Your Own Challenge”.

Almost never before had it been more important to come up with many different and effective ways to provide health-care, mental health care, proper educational channel techniques, tips and strategies in business, governing competency and other underlying issues that we have not listed as now. To match up to the needs of your community, creative alternate ideas and solutions are in demand!

The Hackathon will be held online, from April 2nd-4th, 2020, and all those interested to register as a team, mentors or supporters must click on this link. All applicants will be contacted in due time.

Hack the Crisis Kosova is an ICT community kickstarted idea, implemented by Innovation Centre Kosovo (ICK), the business sector and is supported by the Embassy of Sweden in Prishtina, GIZ Kosova, Norwegian Embassy and the BE office in Kosovo.

Knocking the virus down by bringing innovation up!