Nine new teams have joined the ICK Incubator

After the eighth call for proposal at ICK arrived 36 applications from which 10 were asked to present in front of the admission committee. Out of 10 presentations, 9 teams with 30 members were chosen to join the ICK Incubator (2 of them as Virtual tenants). The chosen teams are: Goodwerp, Kokrra, Ditari Digjital, Cloud, SarpStudio, ARSA, Pllaka, Ideator, and Busy Mom’s.

Short description for all of them:

Goodwerp is a business and project management solution dedicated for creative firms worldwide. Built by an excellent team made up of designers and engineers, Goodwerp was conceived out of necessity to serve the specific needs of a service based consultancy. Companies in North America, Europe, Southeast Asia, Australia, South Africa, and Brazil currently make up the majority of Goodwerp clients. Major tools within the platform include: project management, finance, pipeline, and chat/collaboration. WEB:

KOKRRA is a team based on providing services on VFX, 3D graphics, animation and visual effects. These services will be mainly marketed as B2B, however, a B2C model is still possible. There customers are marketing companies, video-making companies, and television studios but also companies and clients interested in making 3D ads and marketing.

Ditari Digjital (DD) It is a mobile/web app called \“Ditari Digjital\” designed for any Academic Institution which strives for transparent efficiency. Based on a tablet, web-interface and a backlog Server, Ditari Digjital serves as a real-time performance monitor for each student and parent. An app which encompasses all administrative inputs designed for modern studying techniques for teachers and students alike.

Cloud is working on two products, first product is puzzle game for android platform, and second one is CMS.

Pllaka is a new starup who aims to develop a product called Mobile recharger from the bike. With this product customer can charge all kind of phones, while they are cycling.

SarpStudio is a new startup who aims to develop web applications/themes. Their main target is Envato Marketplace at the ThemeForest category.

ARSA team is a new startup who aims to build a web platform were you can reserve online tickets for all kind of vacations around the world (hotels, suits, apartments, etc.).

Ideator is web platform for collecting ideas for any issues/problem from workers or crowd. It helps companies, educational institutions, SMEs, Municipalities, Political Parties, Corporates, etc. in all fields to better decide in the next steps of fixing their problems or their new products, services, researches, sales, markets, etc. For example: companies create campaigns for their needs, and decide for 3 awards. Workers or crowd members, put their ideas, trade them with virtual money, rates them, comment them and based on these parameters, the best ideas are selected automatically. Then users are provided with awards and companies are provided with a pool of ideas that helps them better decide.

Busy Mom’s is a new startup who aims to develop a web portal for busy Mom’s, especially for them who are pregnant and need to be informed for the coming child.