NASA SpaceApps Challenge: Commencing Count-down, Engines On

They say it and we mean it. When it comes to ICK’s annual space-app challenge and what people can do to make it memorable; the sky is the limit!

In it’s 5th time being held in Kosovo and powered by Innovation Centre Kosovo, NASA Space Apps Challenge serves as a global hackathon seeking to improve the quality and continuation of our existence in an astronomical scale! By using NASA’s open data, teams can address issues of all shapes, sizes and densities.

Invited along this ride are coders, scientists, designers, storytellers, makers, builders, technologists, and others from all over Kosovo, teaming up in a 48-hour marathon of honing ideas, shaping concepts, creating prototypes and watching it take flight for a better future.

The challenges that will be presented to the team include “Earth’s Oceans” where participants will find ways to protect and perpetuate the positive effects of oceans around the world, “Our Moon” which will require a creative way of using NASA data to find solutions for our satellite of a neighbour, “Planets Near and Far” will make people think big on how to properly explore our solar system and keep it neat, “To the Stars” involves becoming very observant of our Universe and combining artistic, scientific and technological approaches to learn more, “Living in Our World” involves finding ways to help our planet become a safe and clean world in any fashion or platform desired and last but not least; “Invent Your Own Challenge” requires you to…invent your own challenge!

As per its own ICT-oriented recipe, hackathons are typically technology development marathons that draw on the talents of bright-minded participants such as software developers, engineers, technologists, designers, scientists, and anyone with a desire to have an impact upon the world. That includes this challenge.

With perpetual work and guidance from carefully selected mentors, participants will ultimately strive to take off. After all ideas have been completed, they will be pitched in a form of a presentation and the 3 selected winning concepts will be submitted for the global competition.

The champion of this challenge will always win, no matter who takes the spot; for the winner will be the world itself!
Get ready to see creative minds make this world-and others- a better place.

Nasa Space Apps Prishtina 2019 is supported by Embassy of Sweden in Prishtina and GIZ.