NASA Space Apps Challenge Prishtina 2020: from the Laptop to the Stars

The prestigious NASA Space Apps Prishtina Challenge wrapped up its 6th edition in Kosovo history in the weekend of 2nd-4th October with an astronomical bang!

Kosovo, in its right as a blooming entrepreneurial country, was part of the NASA Space Apps Challenge in Prishstina with innovative initiative to come up with neat solutions to the complex presented challenges. It was represented by 54 participants into 7 teams, in different vast creative categories for the good of humanity!

The teams in question include Discovery Six, EcoVision, spaceXploit, Universe Gateway and “Zjarrfiksat” (in Albanian. Translation: Firefighters).

To have more concise goals when it came to how the teams would help humanity, there were multiple challenges they could pick from. Thus, the challenges included “Observe”, “Inform”, “Sustain”, “Create”, “Confront”, “Connect” and, as always; “Invent Your Own Challenge”.

The wonderful Jury trio who expedited the decision of which teams get to advance with their ideas consisted of Ermal Sadiku, Agnesa Belegu and Tahir Hoxha nominating the “Discovery Six” and “EcoVision” team to represent Kosovo on a global level by the Grand Jury of NASA!

For the “Discovery” category, Discovery Six, consisting of Donat Jahiri, Gentrit Hoxha, Drilon Morina, Jetmir Halili, Bind Limani and Zenit Neziri, developed the concept where a piece of UI that collects and interprets data. All the said data that is processed in the DSIX app, is displayed in graphical form, hence making the application friendlier than the “raw data” datasets which scientists are used to see and work with.

Ecovision, in turn, consisting of Roni Kukaj, Zgjim Zhubaj, Lorena Mekaj and Getuar Kelmendi, have come up with a study about the correlation between public health, air pollution and COVID-19. They used python for creating plots and analyzing data given to us by NASA. The apparent conclusion was that with people staying home because of the pandemic, there have been less cases of death from polluted air, for example.

With all these ideas, thus is concluded this year’s NASA Space Apps Challenge Prishtina with a virtual approach and chalks off one more successful year for ICK, its teams and hoping the ideas land well from their journey to the stars!

See the full video below: