NASA Space Apps 2020: A Digital Stage in a Digital Age

For the 6th consecutive year since its inclusion in Kosovo, NASA Space Apps Challenge rolls around the corner to gather the tech and innovation savvy youngster visionaries of the community into an all-out hackathon styled competition to come up with creative solutions to global problems. And for it, a digital stage in a digital age!

The moment every whiz kid and driven individual ready to pour their talents and intellect on a revolutionary idea have been waiting for. It is the time of the year when the Innovation Centre Kosovo (ICK) implements the globally prestigious competition with a call to apply for all interested people to sort into a team and make magic happen with science.

Starting on October 2-4, the NASA Space Apps Challenge experience will be completely online due to precautions taken for the COVID-19 liability Participants mustn’t spare a muster of creativity (no idea is too big or small if done with dedication and genuine inspiration). NASA is inviting coders, entrepreneurs, scientists, designers, storytellers, makers, builders, artists, and technologists to participate in a virtual hackathon. During a period of 48 hours, participants from around the world will create virtual teams and use Earth observation data to develop solutions to pressing issues facing earth and space.

This year’s challenges include:

1) Observation – a critical procedure to observe and gather information when space is involved in the well-being of the world;
2) Informing – to archive and research the available open data to interest everyone on the importance of staying on their toes and always be informed;
3) Sustaining – finding ways and methods to sustain our ecosystem and life on earth and offer the planet the physical respect it deserves;
4) Creating – to stimulate yourself with ideas and creative approaches to promote awareness and use any form of expression to create changes;
5) Confronting – to put on constructive trial the problems we detect and cover issues from local, national and global levels;
6) Connecting – to examine methods of communicating with one another and analyzing the networks and dialogue between pirates eliciting changes and last but not least;
7) Inventing your own challenge – to come up with a problem that is largely overlooked and dire need of attention to detail to provide the best solution as a remedy we didn’t know was needed.

Reminiscing on the 2015 personal victory of Kosovo with the Natev Explorer team in the “People’s Choice Awards” category and in 2017 Heliox team reaching the best top 5 for user data in a global scale of 1000 other projects, this year we shoot for higher stars to create necessary change, especially in the trying times of pandemic rigidity.

An online challenge with a solution available only in the deep recesses of human inspiration, apply soon and become part of a cosmic experience!

Nasa Space Apps Prishtina 2020 is supported by the Embassy of Sweden in Prishtina, GIZ Kosovo, The EU Office in Prishtina, GIST and VentureWell.