Mentoring in pandemic times

The “Tech Boost Program” along with the “Forward” Program have demonstrated the wit and grit of elevating startups in need of guidance through obstacles ranging from stressful global pandemics to quiet shortages of resources and strategy plans on the next step to success. Both mentoring programs have functioned as navigators for startups including their participation at the PODIM Conference, one of Europe’s biggest tech and startup events.

The Tech Boost Program – Supported by EFSE European Fund for Southeast Europe

Coming to a fruitful end, the triumphant tally of startups that have completed the program are 9 startup businesses, which include: FindBug, Enchele, Trudo, Jiroo, Nerdy Creative, DFuture-Digital Chef, Deinde, AEP Innovation and ICONA. These teams have benefited from 24 mentoring sessions counting a total of 76 days allocated by local mentors and 20 days allocated by the international ones.

A testimonial by Naxhit Deliqi from the startup Digital Chef relays his experience “During the Tech Boost Program, we have been able to learn a lot more on how to run our startup. The program is loaded with case studies, webinars and one-on one-meetings, which is giving us a great experience of how to enhance our knowledge and our product.”

Abetare Domi from the startup Jiro adds that “The Program helped us learn important approaches from experienced mentors towards investors, how to build a good team and what are the key components in a successful company. We are looking forward to incorporating this knowledge in our business.”

A specific jewel of the experience has been the participation of startups at the PODIM Conference, one of Europe’s biggest Tech and Startup events where 6 startups from ICK were invited to pitch for investment opportunities on behalf of the Tech Boost Program. The 3-day online conference was packed with digital panels, experienced speakers, investors, mentors and the overall opportunity to broaden their arsenal of skills, contacts and feats of all startups.

The Forward Project – Supported by the Norwegian Embassy in Prishtina

The gracious consultancies relevant for a startup’s development in their product, marketing, approach to business and action strategy were supported by the Norwegian Embassy in Prishtina project in times of pandemic blockage online to the great benefits of these startups.   

During the pandemic times 4 new startups benefited from tailor-made consultancies with each of them being granted 20 days of custom consultancies and provision of various documents in Business Development, Feasibility Studies, Financial Analysis/Projections, Cost and Price/Break-Even Analysis, Marketing…ultimately aiding them in consign a proper post-pandemic plan.