Marching on with our best foot forward: Internship Success at ICK

In light of the current success at Innovation Centre Kosovo (ICK), fresh new capable interns captivate the spotlight of ICK’s achievement podium and triumph over pandemic.

As we merge further into the events of 2020, variables and difficulty levels that make it next to impossible to balance responsibility so precisely, young promising individuals of Kosovo have honed their chosen craft and pursued improvement via training courses held at ICK.

Capable and curious students march further into their training while the ones that have successfully completed the training courses in ICT fields, fifty (50) of them had the opportunity to be placed in companies that guaranteed them a paid internship, in their chosen field, including: Front-End & Back-End Programming, Multimedia, Mobile Apps and Online Marketing.

The broad privilege of such a program involves the potential opportunity to become a full-time employee in the respective company if the company has been satisfied with the intern’s performance and wants to keep them on with a regular contract.

In primal proof of the potency and advantage of such a program, a graduated trainee batch turned interns relay their personal thoughts and impressions on the program.

Hearing from the sources themselves, Gresa Kukaj, a seasoned intern turned regular employee at The North Unicorn gave testimony to her journey “ I’ve gone through a wonderful experience in Training and when I heard there were job opportunities as well, I was thrilled! I’ve earned hours of experience and it became the sort of event in your life when you look back on and just know it’s where everything started to make sense and go up. ”

To top off the specific experience in the field of artistic expression using systemized technical and digital methods, Ema Gota, Graphic Designer interning at Amam Studio office in Prizren, a studio that produces creative animated and illustrated content for promotion and awareness, uses her words to give us a taste of her experience “Internship experience and the time spent on it is very valuable. I have learned many times that they are related to the direction I have chosen. I have always been passionate about digital drawing and when I was given the chance to express myself, I haven’t thought twice and accepted right away. I believe that it will help many students in the future to be offered the same opportunities as I was and use those opportunities wisely and fully”.

Another intern from the community in the field of Javascript, Haris Ismaili at Horizon Creative Agency shares his own thoughts “Attending the Training course was one of the best decisions I have ever made. This training helped me to clarify what I want my profession to be. ICK helped me capture the opportunity to practice in a serious and dedicated company. This company strengthened me a lot in all directions, including programming, teamwork, socialization, etc. It is worth noting that the company in which I am holding the internship, evaluated each of my efforts by being able to bring out the best in me so that in the future I can become part of their regular staff. I am satisfied, happy and grateful for this experience”.

Ag Lipa, a Graphic Designing intern at testified to his own experience “I tapped into my productivity and improvisational skills as I was not so much directed constantly as I was allowed to freely research things at my will and be expressive. Individual opinion mattered a great deal and it let me express my thoughts and ideas without retribution or destructive criticism. After the positive experience I’ve had with them, we are one performance-review away to a long qualitative collaboration”.

Up at Platforma Akademia,  following a bright intern by the name of Zana Destani says “I was amply trained to research for resources, which helped me sharpen my skills in locating and functionalizing hidden mechanics behind the apps we use daily. This internship has helped me grow and explore this field more in greater detail, which I am really grateful for.”

Imperfection is what makes experiences exciting and lesson-worthy, and these experiences have helped and continue to help-many other interns learn their limits and capacities to the point of functionalizing the tools they have and teach them how to improvise new tools to function as efficiently and cohesively as possible!

The ICT skills training and paid internship program is supported by the Embassy of Sweden, the EU Office and GIZ Kosovo.