Make it yourself in Gjakova – #GEW2014 Day 6

This day was a bit different. Because Gjakova has some cool entrepreneurial spirit initiatives – it was in the center of attention all day yesterday.

The Mayor of Gjakova, Ms. Mimoza Kusari-Lila expected the ICK staff, as well as, GEW partners and supporters, at their new BONEVET space, which literally means ‘Do it yourself’, and is the first of its Makers Space kind in Kosovo. It was impressive to see young brainy girls and boys creating different tools and games all by themselves. Click here to see some of the pictures.

The day continued at the cozy atmosphere of the famous traditional restaurant of Gjakova “Hani i Haraçisë”, where during the working lunch new partners and supporters discussed initiatives that could further spread the entrepreneurial spirit in Gjakova.

The Jakova Innovation Centre, together with NGO “She Era” that organized a roundtable on Entrepreneurship, followed the line of entrepreneurial spirit spreading. If you wanna get a feeling how it went, click here for the pictures.

The day ended with the gathering of many aspiring entrepreneurs, but not only, in the tenth edition of the Bar Camp in Gjakova, organized by the Active Citizens Community. As you might guess, Entrepreneurship was the theme. A very successful businessman – Visar Lluka, a renowned economist, as well as the executive director of Jakova Innovation Centre – Fatos Axhemi, and a young entrepreneur – Jeta Pajaziti, were the speakers of the vibrant evening.

We are coming to the end of this remarkable week – stay tuned for tomorrow’s blog!