Linux Install Fest at ICK

Linux Install Fest is the second event organized by Free Libre Open Source Software Kosova (FLOSSK) with the help of Innovation Centre Kosovo (ICK) that is dedicated to the supporters of free and open code software, specifically to those that are interested in the operative system GNU/Linux. Linux Install Fest will be held on 19th of October 2013 starting from 14:00 at the premises of ICK.

Linux Install Fest is a mini-workshop that offers a series of presentations regarding the distribution of GNU Linux. The agenda for this event is divided into three parts: Presentations, installing GNU/Linux an discussion.

During presentations participants will be informed about the 30th anniversary of GNU/Linux, the distribution channels of GNU/Linux, about the 5 most known GNU/Linux distributions (demo), presentation of 5 most known graphical user interfaces of GNU/Linus. Participants can bring their laptops at the event.

During this event all participants will have the chance to choose their preferred distribution of GNU/Linux that they can install with the help of FLOSSK members. The event will be closed by Q&A discussion about the activity and about the future activities of FLOSSK.