LifestylediagnostiX: The Value We Can Bring to The World

They say “The greatest cure is prevention”. LifestylestylediagnostiX says the greatest prevention is a good lifestyle. How? Let’s find out…

It is all well and good to care for the comforts and luxury of our fellow humans.  But it is vital to shine the spotlight upon the things our fellow humans also need to preserve; life as we know it. This has been the iconic mission of LifestylediagnostiX since day 1; to give everybody a chance through today’s updated technology and medical minds hybrid creation of a presto predicto apparatus!

The idea was concocted under the principle of creating a preventative health check-up machine; using tools that can diagnose one’s lifestyle, the predispositions and charts of one’s lifeline and translate all that to readable data that can spare a life and a long, costly and timely check-up at the doctor.

The tale of this particular product starts off with the giant career shift of prestigious Dr Ilir Hoxha, a man who has dedicated his life to humanity’s well-being and joy.

After 15 years of consultancy work as a doctor and with a poor health due to a hectic lifestyle, Dr Hoxha came to a conclusion: not eating properly, no consistent sleep or physical activity, all of these could seriously ruin not only an immune system, but a sense of purpose and motivation in someone’s life. That’s when Dr Hoxha, after 7 years of chronic exhaustion, decided to shift the table of fate and redirect the lifestyle of every individual who put everything else before their own good.

With the help of ICK’s Incubator branch, Dr Hoxha got an office, networking opportunities, an inspirational environment and a pleasant, helpful staff to aid him on his journey for humanity!

So with recommendations following results and in the doctor’s wise words being “needing more than one pair of eyes when it comes to medicine”,  Dr Hoxha invited Doctors of Medicine; Arber Lama, Jeta Bunjaku, Kaltrina Lama, Krenare Grezda; the complementary Medical Student Genta Bunjaku; Physiotherapist Fitim Sadiku; Business person from Mexico Hossein Meyer-Troeltsch; Lawyer: Arjana Shala; IT specialist Bardh Shasivari; Management/Multimedia AUK Student Melisa Uka and Biology Graduate Lis Kotori together they can become a team and carefully craft the perfect product for the most convenient way of helping people who do not realize they need to be helped.

A common issue with cultural folklore is that there is no proper medical knowledge, only home remedies stuck through history that lean on coincidence more so than actual evident improvement. LifestyleDiagnostix creation for life eliminates the chance of failure and leaving things up to fate like a machete attack on jungle roots!

For 2 and a half years, the good doctor dedicated his career to the constant development of the self-made system that predicts intellectually. A machine that takes in all your lifestyle information and translates it into what that lifestyle indicates to your health.

“I feel that it is our civil duty and our moral debt to humanity to contribute to reach reaches for those who cannot stretch that far. Rather than only save a life, we seek to improve the quality of life as well” remarks Dr Hoxha and his team “To care for each other is to care for yourself. Once we grasp the fact that by preventing horrible outcomes and ensuring a good life for everyone will fill us with our own sense of purpose, it is then when we will be able to breathe and see clearer than the day before”.

The unexpected amount of work and the shift from academia to entrepreneurship proved fruitful since now the startup will soon launch its first product for breast cancer prevention and to follow in the future with ovarian, cervical and endometrial cancer. Take that, illness!
With all this momentum, Dr Ilir Hoxha inclines us to think by asking: “What value can we bring in this world? For us, and for others?”

By Dora Tarani (ICK)