Kosovo to mark Startup Week for the first time

Startup Week celebrates the achievements of entrepreneurial communities in cities across the globe. Our mission is to develop and support thriving communities wherever they may exist. The best way to do this is to bring entrepreneurs together in a way that they can connect, share and bond.

Over the course of five days, participants in Startup Week can choose the events they’d like to attend. Typically these events are held at various venues across a city. Speakers from the community, and outside it, are brought in to share their story to motivate and inspire the entrepreneurial community. Local organizers select the tracks they feel are most relevant to their community and choose speakers based on those tracks.

After Startup Week, participants find that they’re more connected to their community and no longer feel alone in their eorts. It’s this support network that can make the dierence between closing up shop and pushing through to success.

Startup Week is the largest free startup event in every city where we do Startup Week. It’s funded by sponsors, so ideally all ticketed events are free.

Entrepreneur Led: The most successful Startup Week events are led by entrepreneurs who can help reach the entrepreneur community. The lead needs to be a been-there-done-that entrepreneur.

Volunteer Run: Local individuals help run the tracks, content and logistics. Because it is a free event, we don’t pay people to run the event or activities. It’s about the community: not about creating a job.

Community Focus: 100% of the event will go towards making the community a better place to start something up.

A Startup Week is a mix of your community’s legacy events and new events that you plan.

Startup Week is a Techstars Program .

The history

Startup Week was started in 2010 in Boulder, Colorado by Startup Weekend founder Andrew Hyde. Since that time many individuals have attended Startup Week from all over the U.S. and around the world, and have taken Startup Week to their own communities- including Seattle, Austin, Denver, Portland, Maine, and over 75 more cities.

Startup Week Kosovo

The first edition of Statup Week Kosovo will take place from March 28 – April 1, 2016.

The project is led by the Innovation Centre Kosovo, in cooperation with:

Jakova Innovation Center
CEED Kosovo
Universum College

Some of the main activities/events include: Startup Grind by Google for Entrepreneurs, Stakeholder’s Meetup, How to Pith training, coaching & mentoring sessions, FuckUp Nights Prishtina, Business Tuesday, Ye! Boost Program & Video Competition for Entrepreneurs (in cooperation with KIESA), the launch of “Kosovo: A startup opportunity” by Jakova Innovation Center and the US Embassy, Kosovo Academy of Management, Kosovo B2B event with startups etc.