Kosovo attends Global Entrepreneurship Congress 2018

For the fifth time in a row, the Innovation Centre Kosovo represents Kosovo at the world’s biggest entrepreneurship event of the year – Global Entrepreneurship Congress 2018 (Instanbul)

The Global Entrepreneurship Congress annually gathers key entrepreneurial and business figures and serves as a benchmark for identifying new entrepreneurial opportunities, shaping and updating the network in the entrepreneurial ecosystem, and reflects innovation and creativity in business ideas of today. This year, the event will take place in Istanbul, Turkey, from April 16-19 2018, having “the structure of a single and inclusive ecosystem” as the main event theme.

Given that entrepreneurship as a concept entails more than just the business economy, this event is an appropriate link between the social mindset, culture, and barriers that limit the potential of the entrepreneurial ecosystem and restrict its development. There will be the entrepreneurs participating in this Congress that with their success stories and know-hows will forge as educational structures that will not only focus on developing more effective platforms but also increasing the sustainability of the ecosystem itself in the future.

The event will be attended by Uranik Begu, the CEO of Innovation Centre Kosovo, representative of Kosovo in GEC, who will share good experiences with other countries’ representatives and their developmental structures that have been proven successful over the years. The main goal of Kosovo’s participation is to establish cross-border cooperation through initiatives involving entrepreneurs, investors, researchers, policymakers and various organizations from around the world, focusing on developing and supporting the ecosystem of entrepreneurship in Kosovo, an ecosystem that is still fragile.

Kosovo, a country with a well educated and pro-technological workforce, has the comparative advantage of having the upper hand of the digital economy industry, which highlights technological innovations in the most developing sectors within a country. The findings and recommendations from this event will be applied in updating the development frameworks of ICK, the entrepreneurship ecosystem in general and public institutions relevant to the industry concerned, in order to improve the productivity of enterprises, identify potential sources of funding and creating new partnerships.