KosICT Conference starts

KosICT conference each year intends to cover the ICT global trending topics by gathering international, regional and local speakers. Innovation Centre Kosovo is one of the KosICT supporting sponsors.

KosICT – the regional conference, organized by the Kosovo Association of Information and Communication Technology (STIKK), has started with its working sessions. KosICT is an important event for the international, regional and local companies and service providers operating in the field of Information and Communication Technology (ICT).

This conference covers topics such as: eGovernance, Social Media in Business Development, Mobile Solutions and Innovative Business Models.

The conference was moderated by Villu Arak former head of Skype and currently CEO of “General Specifics”. Among the other speakers of the conference are Bent-Haakon Lauritzen from Norway that is working as Business Developer for International Business in Athene Prosjektledelse. His main focus in the Balkan area is developing business match making for ICK companies. He has extensive experience in business development through ownership in mobile start-up companies and trough building of a large retail company.

In the conference their work presented also Mr. Arvo Ott – Executive Director at the eGovernance Academy, Estonia, Mr.Peter Bruck – CEO and Chief Researcher of the Research Studios Austria; Mr.Blaž Golob – Director of Centre for eGovernance Development for South East Europe (SEE); Flamur Mripa, ICT Advisor working project of World Bank and UNDP, software engineer Milot Berisha, as well as many others.

Mahir Yagcilar Public Administration minister in the Kosovo Government welcomed the conference organized by STIKK. “We will continue to invest in the field of ICT and will continue our partnerships with non-governmental organizations and I wish you a good and successful conference,” said Yagcilar during the presentation of the of the e-governance system in Kosovo.

At the KosICT conference also was present also Ms. Sirje Poder, Team Leader Economic Development at European Union Office in Kosovo.

For more information about the conference, please visit the conference’s website www.kosict.com