Junior Geeks Program Certification and Awarding Celebration

Finally approaching the finale of their STEM education journey, the Junior Geeks pass yet another program milestone: they’re certified for the completion of the lectures as well as awarded for their latest Innovation challenge in a celebratory ceremony joined by the Deputy Ambassador of the American Embassy! And more!


Junior Geeks Program Certification and Awarding Celebration

June 18, 2021

As a program centered around elevating the quality of STEM education to the high school youth of Kosovo through a fun and intricate extra curricular activity, Junior Geeks has passed yet another milestone since it’s inception; the graduation of its second generation of JG students! All this is credited to the support of multiple bodies, financed by the US Embassy in Kosovo and MDAO, supported and implemented by Innovation Center Kosovo (ICK) and Kosovo US Alumni (KUSA).

The Junior Geek students have accepted their graduation certificates in the company of the Deputy Ambassador Nicholas J. Giacobbe of the American Embassy, as well as the implementing team and mentors who have made this opportunity into a reality for 230 high schoolers from Prishtina, Gjilan, Gjakova, Peja, Ferizaj, Mitrovica, Skenderaja and Prizren. Firing up the youth and all the other participating tech savvy members of the event, motivational speakers have given their input on the value of education and involvement in STEM education. The speakers are the founder of the startup and product that is Lab Box; Miss Arta Shehu Zaimi,  Silicon Valley tech employee from the Diaspora community; Valon Badivuku and graduated alumni of the 1st edition of theJunior Geeks Program.; Toska Shala and Dren Gara.

Along with the approaching finalization of the first phase of the Junior Geeks Program, to then be followed by challenges and camps, this event also presents the three (3) awesome winning teams of last weekend’s Innovation Challenge. Having come up with the most innovative, practical and witty STEM centered solution to current world issues, and earning the grand prize of €300 and €400 each,  the winning teams include:

3rd place went to Team 16; with the innovative concept of digital bracelets that log heartbeat intervals to gage potential panic attacks in mental crises and respond with calming vibrations; 2nd place went to Team 18; with the brilliant idea to battle gender stereotypes using interactive video games where young players defeat bullies to win the game, and 1st place went to Team 13; with the phenomena; solution of creating emergency medical drones to respond to medical emergencies in all areas in maximum speed and efficiency.

In response to the efforts of the students, the events unfolding and the program itself, the Deputy Ambassador commented that “STEM is a crucial way for Kosovo to integrate into the global economy, not to mention the capacity to thrive individually and to open new doors of opportunities. That quality, an openness to new ideas and new innovations, is something that Kosovo and the United States share. Seeing these youngsters thrive and get one step closer to success today makes me believe that somewhere in this group we could find the next Bill Gates, Steve jobs or Reshma Saujani”.

This, folks, signs off another successful endeavor for the Junior Geeks Program and lays the path for the next upcoming activities that are sure to continue the momentous impact across the new generation. Stay tuned!


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