Introducing Junior Geeks Kosova

Empowering students toward their future….

Junior Geeks is a project that ICK knew Kosovo needed. It was a gap in Kosovo’s way of educating and the timing was in for ICK to fill it up with creative ideas. Junior Geeks is a club where high school teenagers between 15-18 years old can sign up and learn more about today’s technology, coding, entrepreneurship, and much more.

ICK wants to give an insight to teenagers in Kosovo of how real life of business world looks like. Everything from where and how different innovative products and services are getting produced, to how you can start your own business, all this is what ICK wants to give to the students. We want to introduce the world of entrepreneurship to the teenagers and let them decide how they want the lectures and the program of Junior Geeks to look like.

Different ways of giving the students an insight of entrepreneurial learning is by letting guest speakers come and talk their experience and knowledge, go on different workshops, generate new ideas, introduce them the world of technology and coding, offer them field study visits and tease them to initiate their own projects. Junior Geeks is all about inspiring the teenagers of how the future can be hold.

We want to give them courage, and inspire them to think outside the box. We want the students to achieve a vision they can implement to their everyday life. We at ICK want to make all this possible because we know that the Junior Geeks club is exactly what Kosovo needs, hopes and wants.

The project will initially be implemented at the American School of Kosova, in Prishtina. In the future the idea is to interact as many schools as we can in Kosovo.