International launch of 3D printer from Pristina

Last month, one of the most promising startups of Kosovo launched the product we’ve all been waiting for – the Formon Core. The first 3D printer that every one can use, at home or in the office. Made in Kosova.

It all started in 2013 with architect Rron Cena and four others (Hasan, Drin, Florian, and Arianit – find below their full names and responsibilities) that created the company Formon. “In the beginning, we didn’t want to make a 3D printer. The idea was to bring 3D printing here in the region, as a service. Therefore, we were experimenting with the printers and we saw the problems and difficulties, for example with the usability.” But, the five guys also saw the potential of the desktop printer. The team started immediately with focusing on the development of the product.

Now in 2016, Formon has pre-orders from the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, Slovenia and Croatia. “The contact with our customers gave us a lot of understanding of the market. It helped us to understand the consumers, and how they like to use a 3D printer.”

‘Even a kid can handle it’

The Formon Core is a small 3D printer, which is affordable for everyone, and easy to use. “Even a kid can handle it”, according to Formon founder Rron Cena. “It is comparable with an inkjet printer, and it connects with wifi or via usb. The Formon core is not a machine, it’s just office equipment, that you can also use at home for your hobbies.” The Formon Core will be launched this weekend in London, during the Digical Show, that is organized by iMakr – the biggest reseller of 3D printers, with stores in London and New York. “Launching through this event gives us the opportunity to showcase our products abroad. The event gives us a lot of credibility, and besides that it open up ways for new sales channels, for example.”

The Innovation Centre Kosovo, ICK, played an important role in the development of the product. Cena: “Without ICK, I don’t think that we were able to come this far. We became part of their incubator program, which gave us next to an office, also a big network. Both international and local. For the IT-sector, this is the place to be. Many people walk in and out, including good programmers, that are interested in new business ideas.”

Collegial spirit

ICK incubator manager, Safet Rama, was from the start very excited about Formon: “And after seeing them for three months working on daily basis, I was sure that these guys would make it. They have an excellent collegial spirit.”

Some might be surprised that such an impressive product is made in Kosovo, but Cena is not: “There is so much unexplored talent here, and so many people that can handle development of these kind of products. You will be surprised! We have tried to make a high quality product that shows that Kosovars can bring value to Europeans.” Uranik Begu, executive director of ICK, thinks that Formon has succeeded in that. He considers the company as a role model for Kosovo youngsters: “They are on the right track of presenting the real values of Kosovo’s youth in term of its talent, creativity, and entrepreneurial spirit.”

The founders of Formon are Rron Cena (CEO), Hasan Cana (Electronics and Software engineer, right now: CTO), Drin Hadri (marketing manager, right now: CSMO), Florian Piraj (Megatronics engineer, right now: Production officer), and Arianit Zabergja (Operations