ICK’s Startup Innovation Fair: A Conclusion of KosICT’s Innovative Shine

Business turned to community; we dare because we care.

In its 3rd consecutive year of startup appreciation, ICK has shown the community firsthand of its entrepreneurial achievements by parading the 16 startup businesses incubated and enrichening the field!Business turned to community; we dare because we care.

Tagging back-to-back with the KosICT Events, startup businesses lined up at Zahir Pajaziti square to show their magic and engage the community with the progress they’ve reached by breaching the entrepreneurial market with new creative products and ways to improve the quality of life in Kosovo.

The startup cocktail included Videosinteza, a startup that uses animated videos in Albanian to educate the young minds of Kosovo;  Intel Genesis focuses on Intelligent Media Monitoring; Te Pema makes sure our environment surpasses our mortality and stays green and clean; Te Pazari creates a chain of work and services for Albanian users; Nerdy Creative uses E-commerce to improve shopping comforts for all users of every sort; Enchele turns your household into a double-functional playground of practical living;

Dy Vo glamorizes your closet choices with jewelry and cleans your city from all harmful pollution little by little; The Lobby will be your friend in times of need while travelling and needing assistance with just a phone tap away; Smart Bin makes sure to separate and compost waste properly by not wasting your time and making your choices smartly; Fight or Flight, a mesh of fashion and technology to keep the masses safe and trendy; Digital Chef makes sure your recipes stay fresh and updated and your dining experiences stays top-notch; Chess Win allows you to put your mad chess skills on the market and earn for your smarts;

Trudo arrives and doesn’t leave without giving you the top best data services needed to use in all sorts of venues of business or research; LifestylediagnostiX seeks to predict mistakes in unhealthy lifestyles to improve the quality of life; Labbox stimulates the intellect of youngsters through game boxes that use electrical charge examples and exercise games to learn physics and have fun all at one; and Jiro, a place to rent out your car and earn by having!

Passing through all the tables and seeing how far these individuals have come for what they truly believe in, it gives all citizens an idea of what a bit of support and faith in a person can amount to.
All goals are met and all ideas get a chance, no matter the environment because innovation is evergreen. Innovation makes the world turn around, and we invite you to join this ride!

The 3rd edition of “Startup & Innovation Fair” was part of KosICT and was supported by GIZ Kosovo and the Embassy of Sweden in Prishtina.