ICK Welcomes 20 New Startup Champions for Incubation

New Dawn, New Startups: In the aftermath of last call for business ideas at Innovation Centre Kosovo (ICK), the center welcomes into their midst 20 new zesty startups into the other 400 existing ones to reap the benefits of the Incubator branch and become the best version of their ideal startup concept!

After 60 applications received from startup teams with +100 founders and co-founders, 40 of them had been invited to participate in the Founders Bootcamp both online and on-site with the duration of 5 days to hone tips and tricks to develop their startup idea.

Following the pitches submitted, 20 of them have been invited to pitch in an official setting, 17 of which have been accepted and 3 in the pre-incubation phase (an opportunity to become part of the support system ICK ensures).

In addition, the set of benefits offered by ICK include: financial aid, mentorship and consulting, networking and matchmaking opportunities, future spots at international events to further advertise their brands and many other hidden gems in the list of perks!

The selected startups in question include: Behamics, Priam, LegIT, Get Fast Cast, Mercury, SEECARGO, 2GetherGreen, Cloud My Business, Numinco, Oficine, Box of Pills/Medibox, Home Connection, ClickFlick, Children Animation, Anyla Pula, Sa Kushton, IGS Claims, Assistance, Education Centre Code and ScanX.

Wishing all these hardworking champions good luck and recommending you all to stay tuned!

The 22nd Call for Business Ideas at ICK is supported by the Embassy of Sweden, GIZ Kosovo and the Embassy of Norway.