ICK launches its third public call for applications

All interested individuals, groups or companies with less than two years of presence in the Kosovo business market can apply with their business ideas based on technology and innovation for a place in the Innovation Centre Kosovo (ICK) Incubator.


ICK launches its third public call for applications

September 17, 2012

Through ICK Public Call all interested can turn their commercial idea into a profitable business. With ICK they can grow also their existing business.  Apply online to compete for support of your business from the Incubator in the Innovation Centre Kosovo (ICK).

The Incubator supports entrepreneurs and businesses with mentoring, consulting, training and access to office and conference facilities. The Innovation Centre Kosovo offers incubator services, training, consultancy, access to local and international networks, and matchmaking with local, regional and international partners and buyers.

The Innovation Centre Kosovo (ICK) is a fully equipped facility for entrepreneurship and business development with a special focus on information and communication technology (ICT), including computers, software applications, internet, mobile and web based applications, databases, etc.

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