ICK enters new partnership on Climate Change Awareness

The Agreement between the Innovation Centre Kosovo (ICK) and the Climate Awareness Association (CAA) will provide training, workshops and events that aim to raise awareness and understanding among people about climate change and support actors on the ways of sustainable future.

Faced with the climate emergency, both parties believe that everyone needs to be trained on the basics of climate science, in order to understand the situation, collectively accept the structural changes that need to be made and start taking effective actions within communities, households, workplace, cities and ecosystems.

Initiated and created by two agronomists and environmentalists, the Climate Awareness Association was created from an observation: lack of education on environmental issues, lack of accurate data of the climate evolution in the region, lack of organizations working in the popularization of this subject. The association will popularize the scientific data and allow an easier understanding of the stakes through different tools accessible to the public.Both parties will introduce “Climate Fresk” model (established in France and active in 50 countries worldwide). The Climate Fresk is on a mission to raise awareness about climate change and train millions of people on the fundamentals of climate science, with a fun and collaborative workshops.

Applications opening soon.