ICK Collaborates with MyDev

MyDev is partnering up with Innovation Center Kosovo (ICK) for a collaboration that is set to bring further prosperity to the country’s business community.

ICK & MyDev
ICK is an institution that supports the aspirations of individuals, private institutions, governments, and foreign investors to achieve development in Kosovo. This is done by the organization fostering innovative ideas and introducing new products, services, and operations that improve the quality of life for Kosovo citizens.
MyDev, is a Chicago-based company, is a platform determined to make it easy and affordable to dynamically create and host a website. Such a service saves time and doesn’t break the for small businesses just looking to startup in Kosovo.

The agreement signed by ICK executive director Uranik Begu and MyDev / The Social Plus funder Ornis Mala marks a pivotal turning point, where tens of thousands of Kosovo citizens are going to better be able to access the global marketplace to advertise their products and services. The partnership will provide Kosovo’s business community and startups alike a value of over $500,000 in services & vouchers for those using MyDev.com solutions, including: Claritask, Claritick, Irevu, Convosio, and Morsix.

Business Solutions

Claritask is an online task and project management system. With Claritiask managers will know what anyone on their team is working on via the main dashboard. With Claritask managing projects across team-based workspaces and keeping track of deliverables is easy and understand with clarity, essential characteristics of running an efficient business.

Claritick is a ticketing system that enables businesses to capture and manage requests from customers. By using this platform, managers will detect and handle problems faster and more efficiently.

Irevu helps businesses generate more reviews, rank higher on internet searches, and get more visibility in more places, more often. With Irevu, businesses gain the competitive edge, customer satisfaction, which drives real business results.

Convosio enables businesses to engage with their site visitors or customers via live chat. With over 90% of millennials preferring live chat over traditional methods of customer service, Convosio is the future. Thanks to ICK subsidies, Kosovo businesses that choose to integrate Convosio onto their platforms will make the region known for its superior customer service.

Morsix is an advanced warehouse platform that is sold at a deep discount. Morsix helps businesses, even very large warehouses, and e-commerce sites, track and manage their inventory.

What Happens Now?

With so many applications to offer Kosovo’s business community, ICK and MyDev are eager to get the word out. Collaborative events will be organized and hosted by both parties such as: tech meetups, lectures, presentations, and workshops to help Kosovo startups.

Check out MyDev.com today and see what applications they have that can help optimize your business today. If you’re a Kosovo-based business, be sure to ask MyDev support what ICK subsidies or vouchers are currently being offered. So, what are you waiting for? Start your dream e-commerce site today at MyDev.com and get paid to do it!