ICK building up careers and entrepreneurs through Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs partnership

Rina Mehana aims to open her Law Firm, and in Greece she had the chance to have first-hand experience on how to run day-to-day tasks in a Law Firm, thanks to the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs and ICK partnership.

In 2021, Rihana Mehana, 22 years from Vushtrria (Kosovo) graduated in the field of law. Currently she is working as a legal officer at Kosovo’s Legal Services Company. Her hobbies are all related to her work and law. Therefore, even during her free time she usually takes part on law competitions. Everything that is related to law and justice makes her happy. Rina was born in Vushtrria, a small town in the northern part of Kosovo. Since a very young age she was interested to understand more on rights and laws. Her dream is to establish her own legal firm. And she took her first learning steps towards this dream, last year when she got to be one of many young people, to benefit from the European Union Erasmus Exchange Program for Young Entrepreneurs.

Rina completed a six months’ carrier building exchange in Thessaloniki, in Greece. During her time in Thessaloniki, Rina was hosted and mentored by lawyer Alkistis Giogiou in her law firm, enabling her to get first-hand experience on how it is to run a law firm. Rina speaks about this experience as one of those that every new and aspiring entrepreneur must have. While being in Greece Rina learned a lot about the culture, food and people she met there.

She also learned a lot on day to day tasks for a law firm, how to present a case and build a case, since she worked in a law firm. Rina’s exchange was made possible due to the partnership between the EU Erasmus Exchange Program for Young Entrepreneurs and the Innovation Centre in Kosovo. Her mentor, Alkistis Giogiou (Greece), was very satisfied with Rina and her work there. Her mentor, shares that Rina had fresh ideas and innovative proposals and a generous exchange of views and perspectives.

During her exchange in Thessaloniki, Rina had the chance to meet a wide range of clients, take part in a variety of cases and actually learn how to run day-to-day business tasks.  She said she was now more prepared to gain from this experience and to continue her legal career when she gets back home, in Kosovo.

“Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs is one of those experiences that every new and aspiring entrepreneur must have. Through the program, I had the opportunity to have an amazing experience that will for sure leave a mark on my career.”- Rina Mehana.

“Rina shared with us a lot of fresh ideas, innovative proposals and a generous exchange of views and perspectives, turning this wonderful cooperation into a (hopefully) long-lasting friendship! “- Alkistis Giogio.