ICK at Hello TOMORROW Challenge in Paris, France

Uranik Begu Executive Director of Innovation Centre Kosovo (ICK) travelled to Paris, France where on April 18 2014 he will be attending the Hello TOMORROW Challenge + Grand Finale – http://www.hello-tomorrow.org/

Hello Tomorrow is an innovation-dedicated event that will host 2000+ attendees in the famous Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie, Paris. It will stage the most inspiring speakers sharing their vision about how technology & science are building our TOMORROW, showcase the most disruptive tech/science startups and foster intense networking.

For the first time Kosovo is present at the Hello TOMORROW through the Innovation Centre Kosovo (ICK). More than 45 amazing ambassadors of TOMORROW across 30 countries are part of this activity. Begu is among the selected ambassadors.

The Challenge grand finale will take place in the evening of April 18 2014.

A panel made from 40 entrepreneurs, investors, industrials and researchers will evaluate the participants who will compete in 5 tech tracks Bio & Med Tech, Energy, Big Data, Hardware & Robotics, IT & Com. Prizes include more than 400,000 € in prizes, and nothing less than100, 000 € cash for the grand winner.

The Hello TOMORROW Challenge is an ambitious not-for-profit initiative to connect and empower young change-makers in Europe: those who dare to solve today’s problems through science and technology. Additional information can be found atwww.sie-network.org

The Hello Tomorrow Challenge is made possible through an amazing partnership with Orange and sponsorship from Axa, Inserm Transfert, Total, Michelin, Airbus, BETC, Cité des Science et de l’Industrie, CEA, INRIA, GRT-Gaz, & Saint-Gobain.