ICK announced as partner for YUNUS Social Business Albania

The Innovation Centre Kosovo to cooperate with Yunus Social Business (YSB) Albania on the “Accelerator Program” for year 2014, which aims to bring business ideas to their destination, taking on board aspiring entrepreneurs and impacting local communities.

Yunus Social Business (YSB) helps create social businesses around the world. YSB sets up incubator funds across the world, helping people in developing and emerging countries to become successful entrepreneurs through financial support but most importantly through training, coaching and mentoring as well as access to local and global networks. YSB has been co-founded by Peace Nobel Laureate Prof. Muhammad Yunus to scale his experience in setting up over 40 social businesses in Bangladesh.

YSB has an enthusiastic team of management consultants, venture capital and international development specialists. Headquartered in Frankfurt, Germany and with subsidiaries in Albania, Brazil, Colombia, Haiti, India, Tunisia and Uganda, Yunus Social Business is expanding the social business movement around the world.

Yunus Social Business Albania launches the second edition of Accelerator Program, which will be held during November 2014 – February 2015. This program is a unique opportunity for young entrepreneurs to develop their personal and leadership skills, to test their business ideas, receive professional entrepreneurial education and obtain support for the best projects. The program will bring applicants together with experts from a range of industries and successful entrepreneurs from Albania and abroad. YSB Albania is part of the YSB global network, and has already helped create and financed several successful social businesses, while supporting a wide range of aspiring entrepreneurs with training, coaching and mentoring as well as access to local and global networks.

The application is open from September 20th until October 20th 2014 for interested entrepreneurs and wannabe entrepreneurs from Albania and Kosovo who are interested to start or develop their business initiatives within one of the four key sectors with high potential for social impact: (i) Agriculture; (ii) Environment; (iii) Tourism; and (iv) Information Technology. The acceptable business initiatives could be at an idea stage, early planning stage, at start-up stage or at growth stage. The applications should be done in English by filling in the electronic form directly in applications’ platform: www.hapide.com

Aiming to inform, inspire and help interested applicants in developing their business ideas and applications fours special events will be held during the applications period: three in Albania, one for Agriculture & Environment, one for Tourism and one for IT applicants; and one event in Kosovo.

The event in Prishtina – “Social Business Tuesday” will take place on October 7, starting 5pm at the Innovation Centre Kosovo (ICK). More information coming soon.

Join us and learn more on the program!

“A social business is a business whose mission is to address a social or environmental need in a financially sustainable way. Profits are reinvested in this or another social business.”

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