I.T. Infrastructure with Vedat Krushumljiu: Become the Revolution!

“Through ICK and it’s creative establishment, I had the chance to give just a bit more each time I come back from London to connect with my people and share. By exchanging my knowledge with the IT sector community and fellow colleagues – it will be further witnessed and proved of the lengths people are willing to take to do the thing they love” says Vedat.

Starting modestly as a student and climbing up the ranks of the workforce, Vedat Krushumliju spread his influence across Europe in a technological scope considering the start of a technological life with limited education and exposure to this digital world. He is constantly working hard to create a product that has a symbiotic relationship between the hardware and software prototypes of work out there. Situated in London, Vedat Krushumliju is a Senior Infrastructure Engineer with extensive experience in various roles within the Infrastructure Management/Service delivery arena.

Vedat, delving into the IT field for the past 15+ years, he frequents his return as a Diaspora member, to share what he finds that enriches the IT world and evolution currently flowing in Kosovo, in the cracks of self-sufficed improvement of education and progression. Feats of excellence are only possible by building a tight-knit and vital education system and learning source for all types of fields, one of which mainly includes the technological sector.

In Vedat’s own words of wisdom, “Technology is a constant effort, struggle and lesson. Regardless of the hierarchy of the workforce, one can delve and do more always if one wishes to. Even in technology, it’s about the feeling, not just the formula”.