Honk a bid for Autonet: The First Online Auction System bringing international standards in Kosovo!

Online auction and e-shopping are gaining popularity in Kosovo and around the world with the growth of web-based e-commerce. Autonet is the first online auction platform in the region that brings well-maintained business cars from the European market with guaranteed quality in Kosovo and beyond. Autonet believes in one thing: it’s all about the freedom of selection! Just pick a car of your heart desires and your wishes can come true through Autonet.

In unfortunate circumstances, for the avid car enthusiasts of Kosovo, there hasn’t been much of a platform where they can search for the perfect four-wheel drive without making compromises at car dealerships. In more fortunate circumstances, one such platform has already commenced in its existence!

Incubated virtually at ICK, Autonet brings the latest technology in the region which enables you to participate in online car auctions in the international market. The platform is packed with cars for sale every week all purchasable at regular auctions online. These auctions take place through the platform which enables citizens and businesses to access real-time international auctions.

Starting off with the business to business approach, the model upgraded to a business to customer basis where it enables bidders to purchase international quality and standards (and it comes in leather) right in front of an office seat or even from a coffee shop.

To become part of the experience, one registers online to then place a bid and win the vehicle of their choice with guaranteed maximum value with a full maintenance history, inspection report, regularly services goods and all of that from licensed companies who upload the status quo of the car in question.
The cars for sale after being utilized have a standard of a few years of age while these specimens are brand new versions out in the market for interested customers to benefit.

The chosen car by the customer comes in the perfect shape within 14 days and is completely set and transported to your home address. The market spreads out to a European audience for purchase as it offers affordable and practical transportation.
Travel can get dicey, so why not travel in the style and comfort of your own choosing? The stakes are high, and only you can get them higher, going once, going twice!