Hej, welcome to the App Camp!

Hej App Camp, one of the few app developing camp organized in the country, marked its opening on Friday in the midst of many enthusiastic developers, designers and programmers.

Hej App camp brings together for three days more than a hundred participants from all over the country.  During this course of time, the participants will have the chance to develop their ideas into build mobile apps. If selected, these teams will have six weeks to turn their idea into a final product, which the broader community of Hej and professional jury will vote on.

Armend Jashari, one of the participants who is competing along with his says that “We really wanted to be part of the IPKO and Hej activity. Since we are IT students and we have some experience, I believe this will be very good experience for us and a good opportunity to work in our idea, which is a 2D game.”

However this is not all. This edition of the app camp features a very rich program, as well. The participants will have the chance to be part of discussion on app developing in Kosovo, to hear presentations on services by different companies and to learn more about Marketing and Monetizing Apps.

Blaz Umek, consultant, currently a mentor in the HejAppCamp explains more on how HejApp Camp came to be: “For us Hej community is the most important community in Kosovo because those are the youngsters, the future guys, the ones who help prosper this country. What makes Hej App Camp different is that it enables young people to connect to us. And we are here to listen to ideas.”

At the end of the three day camp, all the entries will be evaluated by the jury consisting of Etrit Zeneli, Communication Specialist in Marketing, Valon Rexha Developer, Uranik Begu, Exceutive Director of ICK, Darija Brkic CMO, Ales Smokvina, Program Manager from Telekom Slovenije and Milot Shala, Engineer, will then select the best of the best.

In a country where the youth is growing with the technology, initiatives such as Hej App Camp offer one of the few opportunities for the youngsters have to share their creativity and also get rewarded for that. In the words of IPKO’s CEO – Robert Erzin “With Hej we would like to help young generations to show what they know, have a good experience with teamwork and develop something new.” So, hej’all welcome to HejApp Camp – another innovative opportunity to show your talent! (Author: Shpresa Frrokaj).