Hej, until the next time!

Three days. Thirteen semi-finalists. Countless amazing ideas.

Hej App Camp marked its closure on Sunday evening in the midst of many participants, IPKO and ICK staff, as well as many other people who had come to support their friends or family. After a careful evaluation of each application concept developed in the course of three days, the jury determined the semi-finalists and finalists for this edition of Hej App Camp.

The list of names/teams who are semi-finalists is as follows: Amar Syla, ABE Games, Autostop, Chatanon, Error , Hej Loja, Horizont, MDSoft, Ninja, Rrogshtaja, Safido, Sushi, and Creo. The latter also received a special recognition, in which case ICK offered its space as incubator for the further development of their idea.

Amongst the semi-finals were chosen five finalists, the best of the best, who will compete further. They are: Sushi, Chatanon, Hej Loja, MD Soft and Ninja. Each of these teams is also a receiver of the big prizes – Iphone 5S, Samsung Galaxy 5S, IPKO services and other benefits. After six weeks they will show their final product, which if successful, can be accessible for everyone who wants to have it.

“The overall activity was very challenging. The teams and single competitors gave their best on the short period they had” said Valon Rexha, developer and jury member.  Furthermore he explains: “ The quality of the apps presented is proper for the period of time they had and has great potential for improvement in the short future.”

Blaz Umek, Consultant and mentor during Hej App Camp, also holds that they quality of the products developed was very good. “While I was mentoring I saw some great ideas and great products. You have a great future ahead of you!” he said during the closing ceremony.

As a reward for all these great ideas shown during Hej App Camp, IPKO awarded all the participants with 6 months of Hej! And 4G package.  After all, as Rexha said: “Everybody is the winner. The team work and the time spent together enabled the participants to connect together and to plan future collaboration.”

Hej App Camp is one of the few app camps conducted in the country, and the first one as Hej. The third day of this camp, marks the last day of this edition, but there will be many more to come. Hej, until the next time!

(Author: Shpresa Frrokaj/Photo credits: Arben Llapashtica).