Hej, did you sleep last night? We didn’t!

Hej y’all! The second day of Hej App Camp is here. Or maybe it is better to say that it was another portion of the first day because the participants spent their night at ICK working tirelessly at their ideas and developing their apps. The teams are ready for another day full of interactive lessons, activities and fruitful exchange of ideas.

Paparazzi team which consists started their day by working on their social app game. They explain the idea of it: “You can take a picture of friend that you have in a social network or anywhere. Then you can send that picture anonymously as a paparazzi. Only gender is revealed.”

But that’s not all. You have the option to show how you feel about that picture by either clicking on heart button or a crossed out heart button, both of which will be available along with the picture. If clicking the latter, the picture will disappear, but if you click the heart the a chat will open up and the user will have the chance to talk with the person who sent the picture. Furthermore, along the chat the chat the paparazzi reaches a certain number of scores, the user will receive a hint about him or her, such as workplace or age.

The members of the group are very excited about this idea “the app camps is going great, we are a good team and we believe we will win” says one of the group members.

HejApp edition of the app camp expands to much more apps that go beyond games. “Doc Temp 2” is developing an app that will provide the opportunity to people to generate CV-s, motivational letter, references and much more.  Kastriot from this team explains “Not long ago, a colleague of mine sent me her CV just to take a look, before she takes to someoneelse in the company. It wasn’t bad, but the CV was very simple, black and white – not exactly something to show the company I worked with. So we thought about it and wanted to bring an innovative idea.”

Usually a document template costs $10 and the user then has to use photoshop or something similar to design it. The users will be able to get this app for less than 0.99cent, fully designed so they need to have no prior knowledge on the design field. This app also expands in a notekeeper, where the users will have the chance to save and share their notes in any social network.

What makes it unique is that the third part includes a artificial intelligence and the users will be able to turn images into text. So if you have any old documents sitting there that you wish to digitalize, all you would have to do is take a picture of them. The app would then turn it into text and you would be able to access your old documents anywhere, anytime.

These apps are only a few out of many that will come out of the HejAppCamp. The app camp hosts more than a hundred applicants from all over the country, who are intensely working on creating app prototypes. (Author: Shpresa Frrokaj).