“Haluci” visits Hej App Camp!

The second day of the HejAppCamp continues with many other activities. Over the course of the day the participants had to chance to listen to Mentor Pacarada from Trigonom who introduced his game “Haluci” and informed the participants more on the process of app developing.

“Haluci” is a game that features a young boy, sort of rebel who often teases his friends at school. When he goes outside of class, birds destroy the land so he has no choice except to jump with a bouncing stick from a piece of land on another, trying not to fall. The game has four levels for four seasons. Pacarada explains that so far it has been a success, reaching more than 100,000 users on Facebook.  Now they are working towards a global market for this app, with worldwide companies.

The participants were very eager to learn more about this project and had the opportunity to become familiar with the business side of it. Vlera, an economics and political science student, also a participant in HejAppCamp explains enthusiastically that she decided to participate in HejAppCamp because economics and technology co-live together : “starting from marketing, targeting , market segmentation and they way to maximize profit – they complement each-other.”

App developing can indeed help economies. Pacarda’s explains that app developing can be quite demanding. It took him and his team almost three years to create “Haluci”, which right now is released in its fourth version. Regardless of that, he maintains that through creativity and simple games, we can function better and more efficiently as a society. To all the youngsters out there, who want to love creating apps Pacarada’s messages goes: “Keep making games and applications. Only with constant work we can be more competitive globally.”

(Author: Shpresa