Green Startup Fair 2022 – Kosovo Earth Days

Green Startup Fair will take place on May 11 at ICK, as a joint initiative with UNDP Kosovo, part of the Kosovo Earth Days campaign. The #GreenStartupFair22 will highlight the brilliant green, eco and sustainable approaches of local startups, SMEs and CSOs. Join the celebration!

There will be a range of exhibitors, speakers, donors, potential investors and media present at the event. The 1st edition of the Green Startup Fair is supported by the Embassy of Sweden in Pristina, European Union Kosovo, Embassy of Japan in Kosovo & USAID Kosovo. Doors opening at 10am, at ICK. Welcome!

The Exhibitors:

1. Kosovo Glass Recycling – deals with the collection and recycling of glass products, as one of the only companies that processes such operations in Kosovo. In 2019, the company started to manage glass waste in cooperate with numerous businesses in Gjakova and Prishtina. To the date, Kosovo Glass Recycling has managed to recycle and upcycle over 500 tones of glass waste by using it for different purposes. Some of the products include: terazzo tiles, glass cullet, pool filtration glass media, interior and exterior elements, artisan handmade products.

2. Formon – manufactures the best 3D printers for architects, designers and engineers. Formon Core is a real plug-and-play 3D printer that makes for a magical 3D printing experience. Formon Core reveals the printed objects by opening upwards while printing the object layer by layer.

3. DYVÓ is an independent creative research platform exploring and sharing know-how for regeneration and collective evolution. DYVÓ is where love and creativity come together to interrupt the waste culture.

4. Enchele is a company specialized in Home Automation and Energy Management. The company offers a variety of smart products such as modules to control home devices, motion sensors, smoke sensors, flood sensors, contact sensors, CO sensors and more products to come.

5. GoBeyond is a start-up striving to harness the potential of insects for future food and feed. The company believes that protein from insects will be one element to fill this gap of rapidly increasing needs from a growing world population.

6. Biotech Agriculture is a startup company that develops smart products using IoT. It primarily automates various agriculture processes through the instalment of two innovative and high-quality products: Smart Greenhouse and Smart Irrigation System.

7. Climate Awareness Association is a non-profit organization which aims to raise the awareness of the citizens of Kosovo and beyond about climate change and their impact. We collect scientific data from the most reliable reports such as the IPCC and try to present it to the public in the form of “learn by playing”.

8. BOTANIC is a local certified organic startup that is introducing regenerative agriculture practices in Kosovo with a focus in the food processing sector. The company currently markets the “Into the Wild” brand which until now it contains 8 varieties of organic teas from medicinal and aromatic plants and forest fruits, gathered and cultivated in and from the mountains and nature of Kosovo. BOTANIC seeks to provide healthy and safe products by reducing the carbon footprint in agriculture and food consumption.

9. LOOP SMC is the first of its kind “green-focused, environmental, sustainability-oriented and education-and-awareness-enhancing company contributing on the future of our planet”, designing advanced management strategies and adapt guidelines of communications and initiatives that emphasize the proper use for Society, Environment, Economy as the three pillars of Sustainability. At LOOP SMC, the concept of sustainability equals the living cells of every organism. Our forte is education and awareness enhancement through strategic and impactful communication. We live by the “go green” concept and the shift from linear to circular economy that must be presented to our society.

10. REKS is poised to become quickly one of the largest plastic recycling facilities in the region, combining full cycle of plastic recycling from plastic waste collection to separation, washing and recycling into LDPE re-granulate, sale of re-granulate, and finally supporting our clients in offering closed loop possibilities for them.

11. Te Pema is a green design company which provides sustainable solutions to the space where we live. The company’s mission is to increase the well-being of people and the planet and plans for geographical expansion through current and new products will further affirm its vision.

12. AgroVictus L.L.C. is the first Circular-Economy and Urban-Farm in Prishtina Kosovo, that is entirely based on capturing and upcycling organic waste and innovating sustainable sources of Super-Foods. We are pioneers of agro-tech and vertical farming in Kosovo and we employ a closed-loop system in our production line combined with various technologies for controlled systems. By capturing and utilizing organic waste as raw material we hone circularity and reduce our shared environmental footprint. Our mission is to improve food security, contribute to rural and urban development, and capture CO2 emissions by delivering new and sustainable sources of protein in Kosovo’s food system and generating valuable renewable energy and other green byproducts in the process.

13. Lazdrohu – our special guest who organize hiking trips and promote Kosovo toursim.