Graduated Trainees Turned Interns

Twelve (12) new trainees start the paid internship in different startup and tech companies after having completed their training in ICK. We wish them luck moving forward.

Special thanks to the companies for cooperating as well as GIZ Kosovo, European Union Kosovo and Embassy of Sweden in Pristina for their support toward the training program and paid internship opportunities.

The hired students include:

Haris Ismaili & Erisa Selimi (Horizon Plus)

Blendi Gashi (Think B)

Lendrit Sinani & Dorant Keçmezi (Deinde)

Adnan Beqiraj (Sunny Hill – Tech)

Blerta Alushi (Nerdy Creative)

Blerta Cakaj (Appdec)

Blin Kukaj & Miranda Morina (LifestylediagnostiX)

Fatbardhe Maloku (Manaferra)

Lorik Gara (OutKos)