Government for Stabilization and Association Agreement – Innovation Program for Civil Servants in Kosovo

The Office of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kosovo, GIZ Kosovo and the Innovation Centre Kosovo (ICK) are partnering to offer the first of its kind innovation program for the civil servants (CS) in Kosovo, aiming to support ideas for public services which contribute to the implementation of the Stabilization & Association Agreement between Kosovo and the EU and improvement of public services for citizens and businesses.

The GOV4SAA (Government for Stabilization and Association Agreement) program will enable the civil servants and other participants to shift to a startup mindset, picking up the idea, building a team (mainly with CS, cooperation with the private sector and CSO), develop a prototype, test it, gather feedback, and present it to a wider public. It will include several activities such as: hackathons, design thinking workshops, incubation, training, product prototyping, presentations, implementation and award ceremonies.

Teams will have all time mentors guiding them during the whole process and will undergo a training program on topics such as human centered design, business modelling, teambuilding, marketing, communication etc. An open call for application for all civil servants will be open soon, and it will require information about the problem identification, brief description of the product/service idea, possible solutions to the problems and resources needed.

While the ideas will be selected by a professional jury, key to successful application will be the innovative approach which fosters implementation of the SAA, its feasibility and implementation during the course of the project. Stay tuned to hear more on how can you as a Civil Servant become part of the Gov4SAA and support the implementation of the SAA.