Global Entrepreneurship Weekend: The Grand Finale

After a week filled to the brim with activities compiled only in an Entrepreneur’s deepest dreams, the week finally comes to and end with a zesty weekend!

Junior Code Weekend Fest organized by the Finnish School of Kosovo, Universum College was a two- day event laid out to the students for some quality time with a computer screen and experienced instructors who open the door of programming, giving the youngsters an idea of the ICT oriented area of business and how can it apply to the current world with few but very jacked steps. Retention is the road to success, as they say.

Starting Digital with the American Chamber of Commerce is an initiative that enforces the ethics of business onto the ICT sector by meshing both worlds for a more sublime outcome. Hyping awareness on the collaboration of these two fronts gives individuals interested in creating a booming relevant startup to pay attention and take notes on the sweet, sweet tips this event offered.

Social Media Training for Women in Business organized by the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development was an event focusing on inserting women more prominently into the current line of business paired with intricacies of social media that help elevate work, circulation, commission in the workplace and overall results in work performance placing a dent to the wage and workforce gap for women!

Debate with the Direction Committee of students of Kosovo on Entrepreneurship organized by the Kosovar Youth Council did just as the title suggests; Entrepreneurship being the main course and hot topic in the whole of its own dedicated week, was turned into a debate of nuance by the intellectuals and students who wish to grasp a firmer idea on the concept and its relevance in this day and age as it has significantly boosted Kosovo’s ecosystem, economy and prosperity as a country!

Global Entrepreneurship Week Kosovo 2019 is supported by: Embassy of Sweden in Prishtina, GIZ Kosovo, Embassy of Norway in Prishtina, GIST Techconnect and Coca Cola HBC Kosovo.

Until next year, stay tuned on all current events and happenings in the Entrepreneurial World because there, it is not just about one week, but what you can do in a lifetime of time and creativity.

Thank you for joining us through the adventure. Work and prosper!<