Global Entrepreneurship Week: The 2nd Coming

On the 2nd Day of the beckoning wordly event known as Global Entrepreneurship Week, we press play on where we started off with the multitude of activities representing greenhorns of business and experts alike!

We begin by wishing ourselves a “good morning” with the Sustainability LeaderShip Kosova Champion Training at Sirius Hotel focusing on delegation via practical approaches organized by Kosovo CSR Network, Sustainability and Leadership Kosova. Leadership might be a quality trait people believe you are only born with. This training seminar invokes that a mark of a true leader is the motivation to find out how to earn the qualities and, of course, be one.

All in the meanwhile at the outskirts of ICK’s event hall was occupied with the resourcefully useful Startup Bootcamp Day 2, today emphasizing on Growth Hacking. Essentially, Growth Hacking is a marketing skill acquired with the purpose of gaining circulation as a startup company in a short amount of time, a must-have feature in every entrepreneur’s metaphorical toolbox! With tips and tricks from competent people, nothing will chain entrepreneurship!

Cacttus Education on the other hand paid a visit to the Frakton Tech Company,  first-hand witnessing how procedures go in a technologically based company running on an entrepreneurial style. In a day full of learning, the grasp of knowledge will be colossal by the end of the week.

What about Developing Entrepreneurial skills using Koonta? We got that, too! At the Finnish School of Kosovo’s campus, the students were given a day’s lecture on how to best approach learning new skillsets that not only keeps their head above water in the market, but thrives in it as well! It’s all about evolving with new information via business collaboration initiative to build better bridges for new generations.
The best way to learn about the innovative ways we use to bring real life business skills in school environment and how your business can benefit from it!

Other not-so-well-known but very well needed concepts in business modeling aren’t very accessible for people to brush up on. Thus, Innovation and Outsourcing in Kosovo: Challenges and Opportunities in Several Industries was the perfect seminar at Amcham Premises with AmCham, KAEF. With prestigious individuals invited to impart the wisdom collected with experience, gave the perfect panorama of opportunities to it’s crowd.

What about parts of life when you cannot find the decent kind of employment you’re looking for despite all the hard work you’ve put into credentials? Entrepreneurship has an answer for that too, and it is titled: Becoming an Entrepreneur; Prospects of Self-Employment!
At the Municipal Assembly of Shtime,  and the gorgeous supportive aid of AmCham, RDA Centre Municipality of Shtime, people from other less urban areas and facilities now too can figure out the secret ingredient to a successful business and employing one-self to invest to a better financial, educational and career outcome from any start!

Sometimes we also like to draw from the experience of successful people, not just for educational purposes. Sometimes all we require to try and succeed is to be inspired. We need to hear from seasoned business owners who can motivate us to try despite circumstance or the potential of failure. That is all thePanel Discussion with ASK Alumni at the American School of Kosovo was all about.

UPSHIFT Social Impact Workshop still puts mojo in the morale and gradually sharpening entrepreneurial skills of participants thanks to UNICEF’s influence and presence in 2019’s Global Entrepreneurship Week Kosovo. To become building blocks of something as impactful as social changes made in the community to fit, accommodate and humanize every person marginalized is a true mark of proper business delegation and proper influence for the greater good of each other.

May entrepreneurship always prove to make each other grow, in every shape, area, circumstance and proof of solidarity.

All hail Entrepreneurship!

Global Entrepreneurship Week Kosovo 2019 is supported by: Embassy of Sweden in Prishtina, GIZ Kosovo, Embassy of Norway in Prishtina, GIST Techconnect and Coca Cola HBC Kosovo.