Global Entrepreneurship Week Kosovo: The 4th Victory for the Entrepreneurial Community

4 days gone with supreme expertise laid on by Kosovo’s tireless innovative entrepreneurs. The days of treasured knowledge are not up yet. Here’s what everyone’s been up to so far…

As is not only in rank but moral fashion to address the organizers responsible for each respective event, tremendous gratitude is attributed to those who have given every resource and effort to make the events possible and entrepreneurs flourish.

The American Chamber of Commerce, for instance, guiding us on “Growing Big in Kosovo” promoting strategically marking one’s startup in the crowd so the value and perpetuation of becoming a seasoned business person happens efficiently and smoothly.

Throughout the whole bustle of entrepreneurial events, US Ambassador Philip Kosnett graced the stage with his presence to visit and witness the overall Entrepreneurial progress of startups at the Innovation Centre Kosovo as well as discuss the immaculate flow of events for the Global Entrepreneurship Week with the effort of so many capable organizations. 

Another great piece completing the design of the day’s tapestry was the Kosovo Startup Ecosystem Diagram organized by the Dutch Embassy and Innovation Centre Kosovo with research conducted by Unknown Company creating a chart-like diagram depicting startups, businesses, institutions and NGO’s at current point of their growth as a form of source guidance for upcoming businesses. An applicable form of open data and venues for startups fresh, big and small.

Cacttus Education got to visit and a closer look on Cyber Security, how it’s all done and how it serves purpose in entrepreneurship at Sentry Cyber Security which provides cutting edge cyber security services in Financial, Govtech, and Critical Information Infrastructure Industries.

Ardian Hoxha, Hana Qerimi, Mërgim Prishtina & Arta Shehu Zaimi have, in one event, asked the audience “Are you a Champion of success?” That so happens to be the title of the event full to the brim with inspirational speeches for youngsters by successful entrepreneurs. The event’s main point was to identify the struggles one can go through trying to build their entrepreneurial backbone and offer a model of success through these brilliant individuals’ speeches and engagement.

To mention more, things tend to point up when you’re really trying. That’s what UPSHIFT Social Impact Workshop’s been up to; to instill habits and skillsets as a must-have toolkit for people to use and make possible in daily life!

Such is the mark of abundant events and an objectively good day.

Global Entrepreneurship Week Kosovo 2019 is supported by: Embassy of Sweden in Prishtina, GIZ Kosovo, Embassy of Norway in Prishtina, GIST Techconnect and Coca Cola HBC Kosovo.

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