Global Entrepreneurship Week Kosovo Day 3

The Entrepreneurial celebration continues with yet another set of wonderful events that pave the road for future businesses from capable individuals such as the dedicated participants!

Having had the prodigious youth as well as seasoned startup entrepreneurs of Kosovo be supported so consistently, the charge taken to organize so many diverse yet inclusive events was by the organizers such as the Innovation Centre Kosovo. Embassy of Finland in Kosovo, The University of Business and Technology, the UNDP, Kosovo CSR Network for Sustainability Leadership Kosova, IBC-M Riverside Campus with IBC-M / AmCham, RDA North, Globus, BSCK, APEC and the SHE-ERA.

The day stretched out with loads of activities such as the Conference Towards Small-Scale Innovative Ecosystems in Kosovo at UBT, discussing upon how the Ecosystem can affect Entrepreneurial growth and influence, to moonlight along with Sustainability Leadership Kosovo Champion Training Day 2 at Sirius Hotel to continue Day 2’s flow of delegation.

The Startup Bootcamp at Innovation Centre Kosovo also took off with new topics on marketing and the hooks delivered to the audience to give the product its proper send-off and potential exposed whereas in IBC-M Riverside Campus they discussed “Becoming an Entrepreneur: Prospects of Self-Employment” to people who seek to develop a sustainable business and thrive without having to worry about the hierarchy of the office place and focus the overall company effort on building the pieces that shape the startup business.

Youth Engagement and Employment in Skenderaj inMitrovica was also a hit of success for the locals as it gave them the opportunity for both extracurricular activity for their budding businesses and more tentative knowledge on the growth of prosperity via engaging the youth and giving them jobs not only for financial burdens to be lifted off with an income but also to create a sense of work and profession in any craft they hone or plant to delve into thanks to the initiative in Skenderaj.

To turn to a more seasoned audience of topic, Forum/Roundtable: Green Entrepreneurship: Building Green Economy focused and presented the initiative of keeping an environmentally protective metaphorical dome of support in the world of Entrepreneurship to be inclusive of the planet in every plan we make for it.

To wrap, 2 panels were held as a finalization to the whole day.
Panel 1: Kosovo as a Small Ecosystem and what does it mean? It spoke about the opportunities and the advantages paired with the disadvantages of having an underdeveloped lane for Entrepreneurial work in Kosovo while Panel 2: Digitalization, Innovation and Education as driving forces for small ecosystems focused on how digital effort as well as the cohesive effort of different venues with different educational background can have a huge impact on the perpetuation of success and building a proper thriving ecosystem.

Global Entrepreneurship Week Kosovo 2019 is supported by: Embassy of Sweden in Prishtina, GIZ Kosovo, Embassy of Norway in Prishtina, GIST Techconnect and Coca Cola HBC Kosovo.

Stay tuned for day 4 of Global Entrepreneurship Week, folks!