Global Entrepreneurship Week is celebrated in Kosovo for the 8th consecutive year!

“Global Entrepreneurship Week” has now started in 180 countries with over 10 million participants. This week is also marked in Kosovo, with over 70 activities and 60 organizations collaborating. The implementation in Kosovo is ensured by Innovation Centre Kosovo (ICK), which is the official host of the week and a partner in the Global Enterprise Network (GEN).

For the eighth year in a row, over 60 partner organizations/institutions and more than 70 activities mark the Global Entrepreneurship Week in Kosovo from November 16-22. Due to the pandemic situation, all events will be held online, on different platforms.

Hosted by Innovation Center Kosovo (ICK), today opens Global Entrepreneurship Week simultaneously in 180 countries around the world. Global Entrepreneurship Week is one of the biggest festive and entrepreneurial events in the world, which brings together companies, innovators, employers and other professional bodies, with the purpose of generating new ideas, creating new job opportunities and the increase of economic wellbeing.

For a whole week in the month of November, GEW promotes local entrepreneurship in a variety of different areas, designed to highlight the potential and entrepreneurship capabilities of young people and innovators. Activities range from competitions, B2B meetings, presentations, professional training, networking, mentoring, social activities and lecturing activities for the guests well-versed in their respective fields.

GEW is more than just an awareness campaign. GEW is a platform for intergovernmental liaison and research, in order to strengthen the global ecosystem in one area and enterprise. In 2015, 30,000 activities were recorded worldwide, with more than 10 million direct uses.

“This week, there is an even more significant goal when we have challenged the entrepreneurs going through the pandemic situation around the globe. To overcome this difficult situation, business and community must stay together and help each other, and GEW Kosovo is a platform that can be used in this way. It is a pleasure to watch a large number of activities and supporters carried out this week, aiming to increase hope for more days to develop and prosper economically. “- said Uranik Begu, Executive Director of ICK and host of GEW Kosovo.

Some of the events that are organized throughout the week can be found here. Organizing partners that will implement activities on November 16-22, include: American Chamber of Commerce, American School of Kosovo, Business Consultancy Council (BCC), CSR Kosovo, FLOSSK, G7 Kosovo, IPKO Foundation, AAB College, German Chamber of Commerce, STIKK , RDA North, 4H Kosovo, GERMIN, Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship of the University of Mitrovica, KAEF, Universum College, Kosova Live and Global Girl Media.

Since June 2013, Innovation Center Kosovo has been the official host of GEW for the Republic of Kosovo. The purpose of GEW Kosovo is to motivate the youth to consider entrepreneurship as a potential career path to pursue in the future. GEW Global and GEW Kosovo operate together to create a channel of communication for organizing partners and local leaders as well as annual GEW promoters. GEW also functions as a platform for the connection of young entrepreneurs and innovators of Kosovo with other entrepreneurs and partners.  with a network control partner organization and community of local leaders, promoting GEW values while at all times. GEW is serving as a platform for connecting entrepreneurship for young people and innovators in Kosovo with enterprises, partners.

Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) in Kosovo is supported by the Embassy of Sweden, GIZ Kosovo, the Embassy of Norway, the EU Office in Kosovo, GIST and Coca-Cola HBC Kosovo.